Wait While…

Wait While...

Today we are going to talk about patience and waiting. You cannot force something to happen. There is a natural, perhaps even “preordained” period of time growth requires. When you plant a tomato seed in your garden in June, you don’t expect to pick tomatoes until August. If your neighbor saw you going into the garden the week after you planted the seed and complaining, even doubting your ability as a gardener, because there were no red tomatoes for your salad, they would think you were crazy. Well darlings, life is like that. Matthew 13:33 says “God’s kingdom is like yeast that a woman works into the dough for dozens of loaves of barley bread – and waits while the dough rises.” Did you get the part that says “AND WAITS WHILE” And waits while – now when I picture a woman making bread and “waiting while” I don’t see her sitting down in front of the bowl and watching idly while the dough does its fermenting thing. No. That woman moves onto more tasks. She’s cleaning the kitchen. She’s taking care of the children. She’s making business calls. She’s doing all those things necessary to move life forward. But what is happening while she occupies “waiting while”? The bread rises. In your garden, the tomato ripens “while”. So what about life? Is it realistic to think your dreams and goals will happen immediately? I’ll let you answer. What can you do when you are “waiting while”? Are you willing to wait? Or do you think for some reason your bread should rise instantaneously? Do you expect your tomato seed to appear in your salad the next day, lush with juicy flavor? Are you willing to water the plant and feed it and busily “wait while”?

Extravagant Loaves and Fishes

The loaves and fishes.  You know the story.  There were a multitude listening to Jesus teach.  The day was waning and the people were getting hungry.  No one planned for this.  The disciples told Jesus to send the people home so they could eat.  A young boy stepped forward offering a couple fish and bread.  Jesus blessed the food and told the disciples to pass it out.  Miraculously, it fed thousands.  It met the need.  But here’s the part I didn’t hang onto when I had a limiting belief.  Listen Up!  Not only did it meet the need and feed all those present – there were lots and lots of leftovers!  Yes, God supplied lavishly, not just sufficiently.  So why do I share this?  I’ve had this belief in the past, and didn’t even know it was limiting.  “God will supply all I need.”  And God always has.  Anytime I needed a sum of money for instance, and didn’t know where it would come from, it was made available.  Maybe a tax refund, or a bonus from my husband’s job, or profit from a flip.  What I needed was supplied.  Here’s where the limitless belief steps in and enlightens me.  Why have I stopped there?  I’ve always thought, and experienced, God will supply all I need.  But NO – He does far greater than that – His supply comes with leftovers!  You know, in case you want a midnight snack, or maybe a new car, or whatever.  So, as I learned to say from Tony Robbins, “My old BS belief was that God would always supply just what I need. But the truth is (standing up now and hitting my chest like a powerful gorilla) God wants be to have extravagant riches!”  Oh ya baby.  Luke 6:38  “Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

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Go and Give. Prepare for outpour in excess.

When you are 58 and Katy Perry


So I’ve been searching for an OPI nail polish.  I only buy OPI, because I’m 58 now.  I wanted this funky greenish color I saw last fall.  Not to be found.  I ran into a great 2 pack deal at TJ Maxx.  I still shop mostly at TJ Maxx, even at 58.  The color called “Not Like in the Movies” was close to my mission.  The other color is called “The One that Got Away” (very red and sparkly.)  I like sparkles still at 58.  Well, I painted my toenails the purple/green/grey of “Not Like in the Movies”.  Very cool.  BUT – Hmmm, thought I, can I wear this crazy color at 58?  I guess I said those words out loud.  Cuz I heard my daughter Hannah (age 17) saying, “Mom, you can do ANYTHING you want at 58!”  Man, I like that.  I’m adopting that as my new mantra.  A couple days later, daughter Liz (age 25) is over and I’m seeking a second opinion.  She reviews the names of the colors and says, “Oh, these are from Katy Perry.  She must have picked out the colors.”  That apparently was a stamp of approval.  But at 58, though I do know who Katy Perry is, I didn’t recognize the song titles.  Cuz at 58 I think more about how her family must feel about her persona and all.  And at 58, apparently I can think anything I want.  What do you think?

What is profound enough for my first post?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…

Hmmm all the best beginnings have been taken, so I’ll just start writing.  I don’t know how to create and maintain a blog, but I have words to share.  Sometimes they come flowing out like a faucet turned on full blast and the watering can overflows.  Sometimes I have to squeeze them out like the last half-inch of toothpaste in a tube.  Right now I’m feeling a little timid.  Why would you want to read my thoughts?  All I can say is this.  All my life, God has gifted me with words.  Poetry, notes to friends, prayers, song.  They rush in from someplace outside my being, like flowers discovered outside your front door.  I don’t create them ahead of time, tailoring them to my audience, fussing with their form.  I just deliver what He puts into me.  It is my desire to touch places inside of you.   To encourage, to amuse, to enlighten, to reassure, to build up, to push, to insist, to nudge, to edify, to laugh together and cry.

There.  This is the profound beginning.


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